• Gintaro Lithuania Hall

    Experience the culture and products of Klaipeda, Lithuania.

  • Gintaro Lithuania Hall

    Kuji is sister cities with Klaipeda, Lithuania. Both cities have long been involved in the production of amber goods, making them unique worldwide. The Gintaro Lithuania Hall is a place to learn about traditional Lithuanian culture and products.

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    Gintaro Lithuania Hall

    Reproduces a traditional Lithuanian home. You will find folk goods, crafts, and sweets from Lithuania. A great place to learn about Lithuanian culture.


    19-156-133 Kokuji-cho, Kuji-shi

    Tel: 0194-59-3817

    Hours: 9:00 AM--5:00 PM, weekends and holidays

    *Some products and services available at main museum building when Gintaro is closed


    Gintaro means “of amber” in Lithuanian.