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    Welcome to the kingdom of amber

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    Amber Museum

    Kuji Amber has a museum dedicated to amber—the only such museum in Japan.

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    New Amber Style

    We have launched a new brand “Amberlogue” featuring contemporary, urban jewelry items. The flagship shop is in EXITMELSA in Ginza, Tokyo. 


     Welcome to Kuji Amber, where you find amber of 85 million years vintage!


    Kuji is, alongside the Baltic area and the Dominican Republic, among the world’s great producers of amber, with deposits that are the world’s oldest and date to 85 million years ago. Even today, Metasequoia trees grow in Kuji’s forests, and we mine amber from veins that date to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We then process the raw amber into finished form and sell it to the consumer, an integrated process that makes us Japan’s only amber jeweler.


    Kuji Amber Museum
    Amber Experience
    Amber Studio
    Flagship Shop
    Lithuania Museum
    About Amber
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    *Currently Available in Japanese Only

  • 久慈琥珀企業サイト

    Corporate Profile


    Amberlogue is our new brand that features amber jewelries with contemporary design. The flagship shop is now open on the 4th floor of EXITMELSA in Ginza, Tokyo.


    Restaurant Kunnoko

    Right next to Kuji Amber, our own restaurant features seasonal, local cuisine, enjoyed in a space that is lavishly decorated with amber.

  • Kuji Amber Museum

    Kokujicho 19-156-133, Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, 028-0071, Japan
    Tel: +81-194-59-3831 Fax: +81-194-59-3515

    9:00–17:00 Entrance open until 16:30


    The museum is closed;
    - during the New Year Holiday (December 31–January 1)

    - the last day of February