• Amber Experience

    Why not try your hand at amber mining or creating various items with amber?

  • Amber workshops

    Seeking to have more people discover the charms of amber, we have prepared a range of workshops.

    If one of these piques your fancy, do not hesitate to contact us.


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    Amber mining workshop

    Reservations sometimes required by season/not offered in winter

    In this workshop, you will head outside to dig up Cretaceous period soil using ice picks and trowels.

    Following guidance by the museum staff, you can experience what it’s like to mine amber.


    *Note that workshop may be canceled if there is inclement weather

    *From late December through early April, the mining workshop is closed

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    Amber bead crafting workshop

    Held year-round by reservation

    Watch and learn how to make amber beads in the Jomon period style. Carve amber by hand and turn it into curved pendants. This workshop is very popular for offering something for everyone from children to adults. We also offer workshop kits to take home, so you can have fun with the whole family.

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    Amber accessory crafting workshop

    Held year-round by reservation

    Using sandpaper and special tools, participants create their very own amber accessories. Following instructions from the staff, participants create key fobs, mobile phone straps, pendants, and other items tailored to their budget and time.

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    Kaleidoscope crafting workshop

    Held on rolling basis, no reservation required

    Add amber chunks and beads to create a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope.

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    Ammonite mining workshop

    Held on rolling basis, no reservation required

    In this ammonite mining experience, we recreate indoors what it’s like to dig up authentic French ammonite